Drink with Stevia

Spruce is a naturally sweetened drink with stevia. Spruce is sugar free and delicious. Staying healthy and hydrated has never been easier or tastier.

natural hydration plant-based

Stevia, full name stevia rebaudiana, is a plant native to Paraguay and Brazil, where locals have used leaves from the stevia bush to enrich food for hundreds of years.


The stevia we use is a natural sweetener extracted directly from the stevia plant. Stevia has been used for centuries by natives in Paraguay and Brazil, and has been recognised as a non-nutritional sweetener in countries such as Japan, USA, Canada and EU since the 60s.

We only use natural ingredients and Spruce is free from common artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose.

natural flavoured water

We add a tiny bit of stevia to each flavour to add a little crispness and to balance the natural fruit powders. Without it, the profile is a bit too bitter. We didn’t want to use sugar, or any artificial sweeteners, instead opting for a natural plant-based drink with stevia.


Sugar consumption is a concern globally. It is widely acknowledged that several major health issues, such as obesity and diabetes, are aided by excessive sugar and energy intake, and dense calorie diets.

We wanted Spruce to be a natural product, and one you can drink repeatedly without repercussion, so avoiding sugars and calorie density was an obvious decision. Staying hydrated, enjoying flavoured water, and sipping on delicious soft drinks should be clean and healthy. We know we’ve achieved this with Spruce.

drink with stevia