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Spruce is a 100% natural fruit powder made from real fruits. Spruce is sugar free and enriched with essential vitamins. Mix with water to make a refreshing drink.

Step 1: Tap the sachet to loose the powder.

Step 2: Tear the sachet. You can either tear down the spine or horizontally – whatever feels more comfortable

Step 3: Tip the sachet in to a dry empty glass or bottle.

Step 4: Top with still or sparkling water

Your drink will blend instantly and be ready to drink now or later. We do recommend using a dry glass for best results.

We recommend 400 to 500ml of water. But strength and flavour can be subjective – so if you normally like your drinks stronger, try mixing it with less water. If you like it weaker, add more water.

100%. All our ingredients are natural. We do not use any artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives.

3 to 4 sachets per day is great. That’s a lot of valuable vitamins you’re taking in. The vitamin intake ranges from 30 to 50% of your recommended daily allowance, so you can consume multiple sachets.

Spruce is a fresh product with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. Consequently, we are proud to have a product with a relatively short shelf life.  We will always give the customer ~2 months until the best before date.

This being said, we do recommend you drink Spruce pretty quickly once you receive it. Our plastic-free packaging and 100% natural ingredients aren’t designed to keep Spruce tip-top for months on end. Afterall, Spruce is made to be drunk!

But we think this is a worthy trade-off for keeping Spruce clean and environmentally-friendly. And hey, if you think you can keep Spruce at bay then you’ve got more willpower than us!

Please keep your Spruce in a cool and dry location. For optimum freshness, pop your Spruce in an airtight container, or alternatively keep refrigerated.

The key is to keep your Spruce away from moisture, like damp cupboards or too close to kettles.

Yes you can! We recommend keeping Spruce in a cool and dry place, and a fridge fits the bill perfectly.

You may find that if in the fridge, the powder goes a little harder. This is absolutely fine and doesn’t impact taste or solubility, it just means you need to give the sachet a little shake before opening.

We don’t use any processing aids to keep it as clean as possible and there is a bit of a tolerance when filling the sachets.

1.5g is the average weight per sachet, but some might be a bit less, and some a bit more. It’s a bit like not every apple being the same size.

Top tip: if the sachet is quite full, then give it a good shake before opening to loosen the powder, and maybe a flick or two. That’ll help you tear the sachet cleanly and stop you from losing any precious natural fruit powder.

There is no right or wrong way – whatever feels more natural to you.

We think tearing the sachet horizontally is the easiest (as in one quick tear about 1cm from the end across the sachet).

On our Instagram account, you’ll see a highlight called “How to”. This has some helpful videos.

And remember: TAP, TEAR, TIP, TOP

Reassuringly yes! Each Spruce sachet includes a tailored blend of vitamins and minerals which help support your daily recommended dose, and help support key functions such as immunity, metabolism and cognitive functions. A full overview of our vitamin blend is available here.
Spruce also encourages you to stay hydrated and drink more water; with only natural ingredients, real fruit and no sugar – Spruce is a great way to keep on top of your water intake and to hopefully get more pleasure from drinking water.
Of course we always recommend that Spruce is consumed in conjunction with a varied and balanced diet.

Spruce does not contain any known allergens. Additionally, Spruce is vegan friendly, contains no GMO ingredients, and is gluten free.

Yes you can. All our ingredients are child friendly. Please be mindful that vitamin NRVs (nutritional reference value) vary for different aged groups. The NRV percentages on the back of the Spruce packaging, and indeed on this website, are based on adult consumption. Guidelines for children may vary slightly.

If giving to children, you may wish to dilute with a larger quantity of water to begin with.

100%. We don’t use any plastic in our packaging. Our sachets are certified home compostable, and all the card we use in our packaging is fully recyclable and FSC approved. There isn’t an environmentally friendlier way to flavour water. We aren’t mucking around with our quest to Bring Water To Life.

Spruce is made in Britain in controlled and certified conditions. All our ingredients are sourced locally using British ingredients, suppliers and manufactures.

There is a difference between biodegradable packaging and compostable packaging. Biodegradable simply means a material breaks down into the ground. Compostable materials also break down, but they add nutrients to the soil too, which enriches it.

Compostable materials also disintegrate at a naturally faster rate. According to EU law, all certified compostable packaging is, by default, biodegradable. In contrast, not all biodegradable products can be considered compostable.

Spruce sachets are compostable.

Our sachets are made of a cellulose film. Cellulose is a fibre and forms the main structure of plants. The cellulose in our film is derived from wood pulp, which ultimately comes from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees from managed plantations.

The wood pulp carries FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) Chain of Custody certifications.

Our sachets are certified for compost according to the European standard EN 13432 – this is considered the benchmark across Europe. As result, the product is certified by TUV Austria’s Ok compost HOME and Ok compost INDUSTRIAL accreditations (certification ID S0370), and European Bioplastics’ Seedling accreditation (certification ID 7P2054).

Whether you live in a studio flat, or have outdoor space, composting at home is viable. We’ll be publishing a blog shortly explaining how to do this.